2018, thank you for the perspective

2018, thank you for the perspective

January 15, 2019

Well, 2019, here we are. 

Being mid January, we've had some time to process what 2018 meant to us. This powerful photo in the Bernese Highlands of Switzerland (credit Abe Raats) nicely sums up our year. 2018 was all about seeing the big picture. We were reminded of what really matters, the fragility of life, and the gift we are all given to explore this big beautiful world because it really is a gift.

In 2018, we traveled more. We got back to the "why" behind Anywhere, and reestablished our commitment to exploration and discovery. 

Time seems to speed up the older we get, and there will never be enough hours in our lifetime to see even a glimpse of its entirety.  And that's what makes attempting to try so significant, even if you are just discovering small corners of the world. In fact, we think these are the most important.

We continue to build Anywhere slowly and with intention. We have some exciting developments in 2019 we can't wait to share. But for now, here are the top 10 most significant moments of 2018, in no particular order. Ok, there are actually 11. We couldn't decide! Thank you for sharing this journey with us. 

We hope you enjoy. 

Nick and Kelly

11. Hawaii. Witnessing our daughter's toes dip into the ocean for the first time.

East shore, Oahu

10. Your adventures! Getting to see people take the gear we made all over the world: Tokyo, London, Paris, Poland, Ireland, Mexico City, Iceland, Amsterdam, Montreal, and Nepal were top destinations for our customers. 

We are so fortunate to experience the world through your eyes, your trips, your stories, and your photos. Knowing that we are a part of each journey is the most rewarding feeling you can imagine. This is why we started, and what keeps us going.

Chanelle from Minneapolis, on the North Shore. credit: Nathan O'Malley 

Michael from NYC, brewery hopping in Connecticut

Manda from Minneapolis, admiring a glacier in Iceland  

9. Our global network of friends. We were so fortunate to collaborate with so many talented people in 2018. Anywhere was shot and promoted in amazing locations around the world because of these teams:

Abe Raats and Babette Bouwman in Paris and Burg Eltz Castle, Germany

Noah Heath with Sierra Messner on an Alpine Lake, Santorini, and Hamburg

Onward Archive in San Juan De Gastgatxe, Spain

 Landon Mondragon and Alexis Stetler, Arizona desert 

Pola of Jetting Around with friend Riccardo shot by Parisian Cliches, Paris 

Samantha Nandez and Vladimir Weinstein, London and Paris

8. New products. The launch of our Tencel Travel Pants which sold out once, so we made more!  We have been getting fantastic feedback on these lightweight multi-wear pants made in partnership with Winsome Goods in Minneapolis. We've tested them ourselves in Hawaii, France, and Colorado. Stay tuned for a surprise color coming soon. 




7. This couple and their inspiring Alaskan feature in Undone Magazine. Samantha Whillock and Jackson Mcdowell of Jack Pine and Thyme are always up for an adventure. Sam's latest excursion involved floral arranging in Mexico City and we hear she's headed back to do it again.


6. Adventure travel through Japan with our then not-quite-2-year-old terror. Because any trip can be adventure travel if you just bring a toddler.

5. British Vogue. Not one, not two, but three features in the UK's fashion bible. A dream come true. 

photo: Samantha Nandez

4. So many trips! We can't believe we covered so much ground in one year. Japan, the North Shore, Grand Rapids, Colorado, Seattle, Wales, Hawaii, France, Chicago, NYC, and the Cascade Mountains, Washington. Most happened with our daughter in tow and we are so thankful she is growing up to love adventure. 


Lake Chalen, Washington State

3. Road trip! Introducing the lovely people of Madison to our wears. Thank you One-One-Thousand for having us. This is the city where Nick and I met. It was nice to be back. 


Wisconsin State Capitol, view from the Edgewater Hotel, Madison

2. Surprises. Seeing the looks on our customers' faces when receiving a surprise jacket gift! There were more than a handful this year, but the most memorable was Talia, whose thoughtful husband planted a secret note in the pocket of her new coat. It was the sweetest moment of the holidays. 


Talia discovering her surprise x-mas gift from her husband at the Linden Hills Minneapolis Craft Market 

1. Bicycling in Provence, wild, free, with our Tencel Travel Pants and a lot of rosé

Thank you for a memorable year, one that created a lot of perspective.  Cheers to 2019, and let's all keep discovering those little corners of our world. 

Les Baux, France 

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