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We are excited to share that Anywhere Apparel is a 2018 featured organization in the Holiday Gift Guide from Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA). 

In its third year in existence, this online shop exists to make it easier for people to shop social impact goods and support social enterprises all in one place. We were selected to share our ethically made travel products alongside some of the top social enterprises across the U.S. including Toad and Co and Nisolo. The guide offers a variety of products from fashion, food, home, family, health and wellness and more -- including some of our best sellers. 

From Social Enterprise Alliance president and CEO, Kila Englebrook: “It is such a pleasure to have Anywhere Apparel in our Holiday Gift Guide. This year’s guide is all about celebrating social enterprises, toasting to those doing good in our communities. We are proud to include Anywhere Apparel in that celebration!” 

We believe social impact should be integrated throughout any organization rather than "added on" like a charity cause. Here is how we do it:

  • 1) Ethical manufacturing: All of our products are made in NYC and Minneapolis. All factory workers are paid a fair wage and work in healthy conditions.  It is so important to know how and where clothing is made nowadays.  You can feel good knowing that every purchase you make contributes to a better fashion industry and viable careers.
  • 2) Sustainable products + supply chain: All of our items are built to last and designed to replace many items in your closet. They are classic and can be worn multiple ways (e.g. our women's jacket and top is reversible). This means you get "more wears per dollar" AND you can cut down on the waste that fast fashion produces.  We use sustainable materials as much as possible: e.g., we opt for natural performance fabrics like Tencel and bamboo which are more eco-friendly than synthetics. We also source our textiles from blusign certified mills which are safe and environmentally friendly. Most clothing in the U.S. is not designed to last more than a season and ends up in land fills.
  • 3) Inspiring global connections: As a travel brand, we are dedicated to inspiring people to travel and see the "real world," meeting different people face-to-face rather than reading headlines and "liking" like-minded posts on social media.  The world would be a much better place if we could see each other in person and acknowledge our shared humanity.  
  • 4) Addressing overtourism: We are beginning to develop a voice around this very critical issue in travel and will be sharing more about our role in lessening its impact over the next year.

Social Enterprise Alliance is the champion and key catalyst for the development of the social enterprise sector in the United States. They empower social enterprises with the tools and resources they need to succeed, and work to foster a social enterprise ecosystem in which they can thrive and have nearly 1,000 members across the country. Shop our products in SEA’s Holiday Gift Guide by visiting 

Thanks everyone. We wish you a wonderful holiday! 

 Nick + Kelly 


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