Can your Travel Jacket do this?

Can your Travel Jacket do this?

February 24, 2016


At Anywhere Apparel, travel is our passion and innovation in design is paramount. We confront the specific challenges of travel and go beyond high performance fabrics to bring you new solutions for navigating your journey. We strive to approach each problem afresh, rather than just combining borrowed solutions. 

Our newest item, successfully funded on Kickstarter and available to everyone this fall, confronts several design challenges we were eager to take head-on, including:

  • accessible security for valuables and documents
  • freedom from the burden of a backpack
  • transformative modality for changing weather
  • technical quality, breathability, and durable functionality
  • classic, timeless styling and details
  • wrinkle-free packability

After a year of development, we are proud to share with you the Stowaway Convertible Jacket.


Why we made it

We all know the struggle of layering for more temperate climates. You set out in the morning chill with full layers on, and by midday, when you’re halfway through that hike or cruising shops and museums, you’re sweating. When you’re traveling it is exponentially less convenient to be lugging your jacket around, and we all dread the tourist alarm bells sounded by the jacket tied around the waist. So when approaching the men’s jacket, we knew we wanted a silhouette that represented classic style, great fit, and something that could serve equally well traveling while it was taken off as when it was being worn.

We created our Stowaway convertible jacket to do something a bit unconventional, seamlessly transforming into a sleek messenger bag when it is no longer needed to keep the elements off.

To transform the jacket, simply fold in thirds vertically, starting with the top half. You'll find a zipper hidden under the back detail, with the other half in the back hem of the jacket. Zip the two together and snap the remaining sides in under the arms. Next, pull the concealed carabiner out of the right forearm pocket and attach to the loop on the opposite cuff. Sling over your shoulder and go!

A hidden exterior pocket placed at the back waistline of the coat becomes accessible from the front of the ‘bag,’ where you can keep important items and documents, or mementos you find along the way. These things can easily stay stored here when the jacket is converted back to its original state.


The transformative nature may be the most striking aspect of the design, but we knew the totality of your travel needs could never be addressed by a singular feature, so we didn’t stop there. Our Stowaway coat is made for the whole journey. With underarm ventilation, interior back pockets for storing as much as a change of clothes, hidden valuables pockets, a key ring holder, and a water resistant hidden hood that doesn’t bulk up in the collar, we approached each feature with attention to detail and careful real-world testing.

Whether you’re hitting the trails, the streets, or getting off the beaten path entirely, the police uniform-quality wool blend fabric and quality construction is durable and strong enough to take you anywhere.

Our design team and partners work to source materials that will stand the test of time as well as stay true to a classic and timeless aesthetic. When you’re traveling, it is important to be aware and respectful of different standards in dress. While we can’t encompass them all in one garment, we approach each silhouette with a consciousness for different cultural environments.

Interior Pocket System

On the interior of the jacket, you will find a series of pockets for securing a phone, small tablet, valuables, and itineraries and passports, made with a durable, water-resistant lining. We have also designed large interior back pockets with cords stretched across the length of the top for draping a change of clothes. A quick-drying mesh pocket on the right interior is the perfect place for storing damp gloves, a hat or a scarf.

We redesigned the hidden hood to be rid of the bulky collar with exposed zipper, and instead stowed the hood away in the back yoke of the jacket, across the shoulders. This distributes the fabric more evenly, allowing more comfort as well as a sleek, minimalist style. We also included deep shoulder gussets for maximized range of movement and a polished, tailored look.

When can I get it?

The Stowaway Jacket will be hitting our online shop and available late fall of this year. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and more of our innovative travel products.  


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