Farewell fire monkey, hello rooster

Happy Chinese New Year!

2016, the year of the fire monkey, was a big unpredictable adventure. What did we accomplish?

    Oh yeah, and we won a nice award from Minnesota Business Magazine and got featured on Twin Cities Live


    Doing all this with a small team required some serious monkey skills:


    According to the Chinese zodiac, monkeys are nimble and clever. Being a monkey last year wasn't easy, but nothing worth achieving ever is.

    Ok, what about the Rooster?

    2017 is the year of the Rooster.  If we were all Roosters, the trains would run on time, loyalty would rule, and we would all be hyper motivated to achieve our goals.  Rooters pride themselves on:  


    What does that mean for us at Anywhere?  Other than trying to be on time for our meetings, we're getting personal, sharing more about what we do every day, the people behind our vision, and why we wake up early feeling excited about the future.

    What's in it for me in 2017? 

    Here's where we get really excited about building this company. This year is all about YOUR ADVENTURES. What inspires you? What tools are you looking for to make your trips easier and more rewarding? We're listening and working to come up with answers. 

    Events! Come hang out with us! We're fun, and we will nerd out with you about your trips. Meet us in person. Tell us about your next destination. Calendar coming soon! 

    Travel hacks. How do you really pack light? What's the secret?  

    Contests. Win nice stuff. Have a good time doing it. 

    Inspiring stories. Hear from real people with amazing experiences. Learn from them. 

    Unique tools. We'll share the latest and most innovative travel tools.  We've seen a lot, and make a point to only share the best. 

    Jackets. Finally! Revolutionary convertibility and reversible style will drop this year.  Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither were these beauties. But they are worth the wait. RESERVE YOURS TODAY.

    New accessories. Durable, functional and beautiful. We can't wait to show you! 

    Behind-the-scenes. What does it really take to create stuff? We reveal the creative process and people involved.

    Collaborations. We're already partnering with two fantastic MN travel brands, Urban Undercover and Montgomery Collection.  More to come!

    Have ideas? We want to hear! Get in touch with Kelly at info@anywhereapparel.com

    To kick off the year of the Rooster, we'll end here with a view of what it's like to be in China during Chinese New Year. This event, called chunyun, marks the biggest human migration in the world as people travel home to be with loved ones.  


    Cheers to 2017! 

    Nick, Kelly, and Alisa 




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