Plan that vacation. You'll be happier for it even before you go.

Plan that vacation. You'll be happier for it even before you go.

January 30, 2017

Jan 31, #traveltuesday, is also known as National Plan For Vacation Day.  Why do we need a national holiday dedicated to planning our time off?  

Because more than half of U.S. workers do not take their hard earned vacation time!  

At Anywhere, we see this as a tragedy, but also an opportunity to inspire and encourage everyone to make leisure time a priority.  Vacations are not luxuries. They are necessities to our wellness. An experience away from the stresses of normal life can happen anywhere, from a far-flung island halfway around the world to a cozy cabin just a few hours north.

Why plan now?

Here are our top three reasons why planning your vacation time now for 2017 is the best decision you'll make all year. 

1) Americans who take time to plan how they will use their vacation time in the year ahead are happier than those who do not.

They are happier with: 

  • their health and well-being
  • their financial situation
  • their marriage
  • their overall mood

We're all about spontaneous experiences with travel, but you can't satisfy those whims with a 9-5 schedule if you don't allow the space for them to happen. Paradoxical? Yes, but also very real. Planning is important.

2) Anticipating your vacation can produce just as much pleasure as experiencing it 

If the health and happiness benefits of time off aren't enough to sell you, try this: Research shows that simply having something to look forward to—like a vacation—improves your happiness.

Think about the amount of time you spend daydreaming about a trip you've booked. You imagine yourself being there, totally immersed in the new environment. Maybe you even continue to browse images of your destination, anticipating how you'll feel. All of these positive emotions add up to a happier outlook, more energy, and more motivation in your every day.

One more reason to put those getaway dates on your calendar: 

 3) Vacation memories last a lifetime 

  • 64% of adults remember vacations from their childhood
  • 77% of youth report that their parents have told them stories about their childhood family vacations 
  • 49% of adults describe their memories of childhood family vacations as "very vivid" 

People who spend their money creating memories tend to be happier than those who buy material goods. We've known for a while that experiences are more meaningful than things. Experiences shared with loved ones live on and multiply through generations. And isn't that what we all want at the end of the day? 

Happy travels in 2017. We can't wait to hear from you when you return. 

Now go plan that trip! 

Nick, Kelly, and Alisa 


PS: All research comes from Project Time Off. If you feel like taking vacation is difficult due to an unsupportive work environment, anxiety about leaving responsibilities, or fear of losing your job, GO HERE for tools, support, and more info. Or, watch this PSA first:


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