Why you should ditch your

Why you should ditch your "travel clothing"

August 08, 2016 2 Comments

When you hear the words "travel clothing," what comes to mind? Bulky cargo pants? Lots of pockets? Athletic wear? Often, travelwear is synonymous with unstylish or sporty. While it is certainly necessary to pack functional, comfortable clothing, style doesn't need to be abandoned. Fashion is, in fact, functional - especially when you're a visitor in someone else's country. 

If you’ve packed clothes which mark you as a certain type of different from the locals, the person you ask directions of might only recommend that which they see as suiting that style of different.  No wants to be turned away from the Vatican for lack of shoulder coverage, or denied access to a temple in Bali because you don’t have a sarong, or given the wrong look from a nightclub doorman in Paris because you are dressed too casually.       

Anything you take on a trip should perform extra well, withstand the rigors of transit, work with everything you pack AND keep you looking clean and appropriate. 

This is why we created the Men’s Terminus Base and Women’s Transfer Top.


You shouldn’t just throw any "travel top" into your bag.  See this checklist for why:

1. I can get away with wearing it a lot…and still smell good.

The lighter you pack, the more you’re able to experience. This means re-wearing clothing items. You may be carrying a light pack, but no one wants to smell like a backpacker. Your base layer or top should be able to repel odor. 

2. It doesn't make me look like I'm wearing "travel clothes."

Your top should be built for travel, but it doesn't have to explicitly mark you as a tourist. How many different places can you wear it?  Is it built for hiking, site-seeing, museum hopping, and upscale restaurants?  If it can’t stretch across at least three different activities, it’s probably not worth packing.  

3. It works with my entire trip wardrobe

How many different ways can you wear it?  Is it classic enough to pair with both dressy and casual pants/bottoms?  Big logos or graphic shirts with loud prints limit your options.  Basic is always best. 

4. It’s so comfortable, I forget I’m wearing it

Wearing something next to the skin for days on end can be awful if that material isn’t breathable or soft.  Your travel clothing should have all of the benefits of athletic performance apparel without looking like it.

5. The pockets are durable and functional

Pockets shouldn’t just be design details, even on a light-weight T-shirt.  When you’re traveling, they need to be able to securely hold passports, cash, or credit cards.  

The Terminus Base 

the last travel tee you'll ever need 

A classic crew neck cut, designed for optimal versatility.  Flat lock seams reduce chaffing.  We opted for traditional sleeves as opposed to raglan for a classic, non-sporty look to fit a wide range of environments.


Odor-resistant with the power of bamboo. Our team field tested this ultra-premium fabric around the world. The result? It doesn't retain scent like polyester. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and, in our experience, performs far better than synthetic athletic fabrics. This means you can get away with wearing it multiple days in a row.  

A bonded welt pocket at the chest is more durable than traditional T-shirt patch pockets and creates a clean look.  Sized for your passport. 


A hidden pocket at the back neck is the perfect place to temporarily stash a passport or extra cash. Feel secure, and keep pick-pockets guessing.  The pocket liner is made of a wicking mesh with mostly bamboo charcoal to keep sweat off your upper back.   


The Transfer Top 

your new favorite transitional basic


Reversible and layered so you can achieve multiple looks with just one garment. Basic colors are easy to wear and pair with everything.  Keep your options open without the extra bulk to go with it. This top has got you covered for the whole trip.

Side A: Our barely-there wicking performance fabric is ultra light weight and reads anything but sporty. A custom embossed ocean swirl pattern is one-of-a-kind.

Side B: Turn inside out to reveal exceptionally soft, odor-resistant bamboo. This touchable fabric keeps you fresh for days on end and does not retain scent.  

A universally flattering shirt-tail hem makes it easy to pair with any bottom. Tuck in just one layer for a simplified, clean look with a pop of color at the collar.  Cuff the sleeves, and tuck in one or both layers for a whole new look and feel.


    Shop Now and throw these tops in your carry-on.  Limited quantities. Made in N.Y.C.


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    November 23, 2016

    ooh! i like the idea of a muli-wear travel shirt!


    November 23, 2016

    Love the floaty look of Transfer Top! I’m definitely guilty of cargo pants in the past, looks like I might need to shake it up :)

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